13 may 2021


Time for a new review! This time, we have Darkwalker's FO220 battery phone mount for Xbox One Controller.

This is not the first time we've reviewed a product by DarkWalker, a young new brand specialized in gaming accesories and controllers for consoles, PC and mobile phones. Some time ago, we took a deep look into DarkWalker's FO218 controller for PC, and the review was very positive. Now, it is time for one of their multiple gaming accesories: the FO220 battery phone clip designed for Xbox One wireless controllers. First things first, the product is very explicit about it being only compatible with Xbox One wireless controllers and not for new Xbox Series X/S controllers. Have that in mind, but I'm sure the guys from DarkWalker are working in a new model for the new Xbox controllers. Just to be clear: this is an opinion, and I have no information regarding this.

So, let's see what is inside this tiny package:

As you can see, the FO220 comes with the mobile clip, the Micro-USB charger cable, the battery itself, a warranty card for extended warranty and the instructions in different languages on how to mount the clip and additional information. The product is designed to be used in mobile phones but, as you can see, the battery comes separated from the clip, which is something very useful considering you might want to use just the battery for your gaming needs.

Now, taking a deeper look into the battery, it has a large capacity with 1600mAh with a lifecycle of around 1000 times. It uses the Micro-USB cable to be recharged, which also will let you play wired if you run out of battery. The battery lasts for around 15 hours of gameplay time after fully charged, and takes around 5 hours to be charged. I'm writing this review after testing the product with two full charges and the battery had no problem at all, and gave me those promised times. It also has protection measures that will stop the charge process in case of high/low temperature.

There is not much else to say about a battery other than: yeah, it works and it charges fast enough. If for some reason I notice something weird during the next days, I will update this review with the info. So, let's begin with the clip that, combined with the battery, will become a nice phone mount.

The clip fits most cell phones since it is adjustable and it has a dual locking articulation system for ergonomic phone placement. The specifications puts the maximum width at 3.35" (85 milimeter).  If you want me to be more specific and want to use the inches of your screen to have a reference, I've tested it using a Xiaomi Redmi Note 10, which is a mobile with a 6.47" screen and it fits perfectly. In the picture below, you can see a 5.2" Huawei P9 Lite (well, I needed my Xiaomi to take the picture!). However, the maximum seems to be around a 6.8" screen, considering I've tried to use a big screened mobile like a Xiaomi Mi Max 3 (6.9" screen) and it did not fit, but was pretty close. Anyway, unless you have a pretty big phone, you will not have problems with the clip.

To sum up, for the price of $29.99 you have a good looking battery phone mount that can separate the battery from the clip, giving you more possibilities other than just a battery clip with 15 hours of gameplay. It is not very heavy, it feels good and it is a great accesory to be used with, for example, Xbox's Xcloud on your mobile phone to play its huge catalogue.

This product has been sent by DarkWalker for reviewing purposes. In no way this fact has influenced any opinions included in this text.

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